We Reduce or Reuse before we Recycle

"We believe in taking care of the Earth’s resources and our attention to environmental, social and economic responsibility includes putting practices in place that go beyond what is legally required of us. We choose every day in big and small ways how our actions and words build a better quality of life for our employees, customers and suppliers."

 Our main aim is to reduce what we use.

Everything at Langstane has more than one life...


Pallets and other wooden products are given to a project called Wood RecyclAbility ( The charity works with adults that have learning disabilities. They transform the wood into products such as garden furniture, fencing and wildlife products as well as other things.


Customers are encouraged to give packaging back to us. This is then used back at our warehouse to pack other items. The same counts for boxes supplied by the supplier.

Boxes used for installations are given to Senator. Senator then uses the material to create fuel to heat their buildings. Visit to find out more.


Our electricity comes from a renewable source supplied by Haven Power. To find out more on Haven Power visit

And the last resort... recycling!


In 2015 81.5% of our waste was recycled. Waste is segregated into a variety of waste streams and we are continually looking to increase all that we recycle.


We recycle waste food from all of our sites. This is collected by a local company, who provide processing services and recycle organic materials into BSI accredited compost.

We also encourage our customers to recycle by offering the following services -


  • Furniture – We can uplift old furniture for reuse and/or recycling. The collected  furniture is processed by one of our furniture suppliers, who ensure that all furniture collected is diverted from landfill, either through recycling the materials on site, or reusing the furniture by donating to charity. A small fee for this service is charged.
  • Toners and Ink Cartridges – We can provide toner and ink cartridge recycling boxes, which we will collect. The contents are then passed on to a third party, where they are either remanufactured or put through a waste treatment process in order to re-use the elements.
  • Packaging -  Our drivers can collect used packaging boxes so as we can reuse them for other deliveries.
  • WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment)  - We provide a way for our customers to dispose of their old  electrical and electronic equipment when they purchase  a new version of the same item from us.
  • Batteries – Our customers can return spent batteries to us for recycling . We also offer the facility to recycle batteries in our Links Place Retail Outlet.